Love Lessons; My Right to Choose

I’m going to do it again.  I’m going to write this and push publish.  I’m not going to edit the life out of this and attempt perfection, because when I go back and read these blogs I know they will … Continue reading

Love Lessons; God

It’s been a while since I’ve written and it feels odd not to be connected with you.  I don’t know who you are and yet I still miss you.  It’s funny that I miss you when I am the one … Continue reading

Love Lessons; Imperfection

I am not prepared for Christmas.  I haven’t bought enough presents.  I haven’t bought the right presents.  My house is a wreck, it’s messy and partially decorated and there is clutter in every room. My desk is piled up with … Continue reading

Love Lessons; True Gratitude

I am grateful, very grateful for much in my life.   I am blessed in many ways and yet, when I try to write about this it sounds trite and inauthentic.  I say all the things I should say, and … Continue reading

Love Lessons; Real love

My partner, Neil Sicherman and I work with executives and leadership teams using the Enneagram as a map to help them move towards their potential.  When we work with the Heart Triad; Types Two, Three and Four, the teaching is … Continue reading

Love Lessons; Softness

Cindy was soft.  She was soft in every way.  Her skin was like a baby’s skin.  She had the softest hands.  She also had the softest heart.  Cindy Love was real softness;  pure, peaceful and completely undisturbed from stress and … Continue reading

Love Lessons; Three Words

I didn’t live near Cindy Love for most of my adult life.  I left Pennsylvania after college and came back to visit.  For Cindy Love I was always away.  When we talked on the phone she would always say to … Continue reading

Love Lessons; Stillness

This is my daughter sitting beside a lake in Canada a few years ago.  The photograph is beautiful.  She, is beautiful.  She is poised and still and present to the beauty around her and her being emanates peace and calm … Continue reading

Love Lessons; Exquisite Vulnerability

This one is difficult to write.  I saw something on my way to an Alexander Technique Conference in Philadelphia Saturday morning that was terrifying and intensely beautiful at the same time.  I know I need to share this though I … Continue reading

Love Lessons; The Door is Open

The Door is Open……… That’s what Cindy said any and every time I knocked on a door she was behind. THE DOOR IS OPEN she would say loudly. In her 57 years there was not one time that she said anything … Continue reading