What is a Certified Movement Analyst?

Laban Movement AnalysisCertified Laban Movement Analysts have received extensive training in a system of analyzing and understanding all human movement.  Certification requires demonstrating extensive knowledge, practical application and a consistent ability to analyze and comprehend individual movement patterns and functioning and provide alternative ways of moving and thinking that are of greater value for the individual. A Certified Movement Analyst has the ability to see the whole person and to help individuals understand the meaning their movement patterns and preferences play in their lives.  Their work goes beyond the realm of body language and has the ability to see the individual more clearly and honestly.  Through that awareness individual needs and preferences are honored and understood for the role they play in helping people live more authentically and in harmony with their deeper knowing.

Rudolf Laban, the founder of Laban Movement Analysis collaborated with a renowned physical therapist, Irmgard Bartenieff. Irmagard realized that an injury in the body never happens in isolation. Injuries often result as a function of the whole body patterning and that to heal an injury the whole body must be included in the therapy. She designed complex, yet very simple sequences of movement that created an organized, integrated structure. From that organization injuries are significantly reduced and one’s range and clarity of movement is expanded. Rudolf Laban and Irmagard Bartenieff created a four-part system called Laban Movement Analysis that is used with athletes, executives, therapists and anyone who wants to deepen their capacity to move through their work and life as an integrated whole.

How Laban Movement Analysis and the Bartenieff Fundamentals Inform My Work

I am able to clearly see movement patterns, tendencies and issues that may impede the natural and full expression of an individuals uniqueness and determine processes that would enable the full embodiment and range of expression of the self. Through re-patterning exercises I am able to help an individual recover from injury and/or prevent injury and to determine, through the patterning and organization of the whole body, why the injury occurred.