The Enneagram; Living and Loving Fully

This workshop is for anyone and everyone who wants to gain a deeper and clearer understanding of their true nature in relationship with others and the world.  The Enneagram provides a profound resource for understanding and decoding human behavior through nine different manifestations revealing nine unique ways of experiencing your self and others. Through understanding and experiencing the Embodied Enneagram you will have deep experiences of the nine different types enabling you to understand how much of your’s and other’s behavior is a reflection of personality structure. This awareness will allow you to live with courage, a wide open heart and authenticity and to help others do the same.

Twenty CEUs are available for Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors. Our new class begins Thursday, September 22 and will meet each Thursday evening for 10 weeks from 6:00-9:00 ending the Thursday after Thanksgiving. The cost of the program is $550.  For more information and to register email Melody Schaper at or 610-348-9072


 Also offered:

  • Private Alexander Technique lessons
  • Private Movement Therapy sessions
  • Transformational Coaching sessions using Somatic Therapy, Enneagram Coaching and Gestalt Techniques are provided with Neil Sicherman and Melody Schaper for anyone interested in moving towards their full potential to live and love fully.

Please contact Melody at 610.348.9072 or if you are interested in working privately.