The Storm Continues and the Pressure is Rising — 4 Comments

  1. Melody – I can feel you in your new skin. It’s so important to honor anger to help us know our convictions. But I too, stuff it and want to be positive – who likes an angry person?! What I’m getting is that not expressing anger, displeasure, repulsion, non respect is a habit and a very slippery slope. Suppressing it is unhealthy. You are getting healthy!

    • Thank you Bette. I feel crazy and good/hopeful at the same time. Something significant is stirring and I am compelled to allow it to rise. I love the idea of having a new skin. That feels right, like something is cracking open to allow a new force to be expressed.
      And……part of me wants to hide still and take it all back. Maybe it will get easier.

      Thank you so much for sharing your journey too. We are all so vulnerable and so full of possibility.

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