Love Lessons; Embodying Change

‘Embodying Change.’  These two words reveal everything I am passionate about.  They reflect a way of being that is fully alive and open to what is present in the moment and completely available to what is to come.  Embodying Change reveals a deep knowledge that the future is a place to live into with faith, not fear with worry and defenses.

I have always feared the future.  I have always felt something bad would happen or that I would be found out as a fraud and lacking in some significant way and lose what I had and loved.  As I work with more and more people I am discovering this fear is common amongst us all.  I am learning what Carl Rogers said is true, “the things we think are most personal are most general.”  What is in the depths of my heart is not unique to me.  It is felt by many of you in your own unique way.

We are more alike than we are different.  Each of us have a seed that is unique that we must share.  To share how we understand who we are and what we offer each other is unique. These gifts of understanding move us towards a kinder, more gentle expression of the human race which is essential if we are to survive.  We need only look at the current political divide in this culture for affirmation of this truth.

Something remarkable has been happening lately.  I am losing some of my fear.  I am believing I can create what I want and have a choice in how my life turns out.  For over 50 years I believed I was a victim of circumstance and that anything bad that happened was my fault.  Now the door to possibility is beginning to open and light is seeping in.  It’s terrifying and wonderful all at the same time.  I am exhilarated by the potential of being me and utterly terrified at the same time.

The essence of my work has been to encourage others to take what is possible as a new way of being and breathe that into themselves to become a lived reality.  I say I teach The Alexander Technique and what I am truly doing is bringing others to an awareness that their beliefs about themselves are simply unconscious defense patterns housed in their bodies and have nothing to do with reality.  That is profoundly liberating and empowering.  They feel the difference immediately and become aware of what is possible.  That process is profoundly gratifying to witness and be a part of.

Now when I see what is possible for others I am realizing what is possible for my self.  I am beginning to see that my life’s work has been to teach me that who I truly am is far greater than who I have allowed my self to be.  I am realizing that all my work has been to help me grow to heal and become my fullest self.  This is my greatest work and my true vocation.  You also have a gift to share that is your true work.

It’s so simple and we make it so complex.

What is your true work and what is possible for you?  Who are you wanting to become?

Help us all grow by living into who you are becoming and see what the world has to offer all of us today.

Love Lessons

Love Lessons


Love Lessons; Embodying Change — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Melody, thank you for your wonderful blog and insights into the journey of transformation. I will complete my Alexander Technique teacher training in December this year and absolutely agree with you about the transformative nature of this work. My life is so much better for beginning to understand who I learnt to be in response to the world I encountered and the healing nature of opening myself to the wonderful possibilities that life offers me. I have been and continue to be excited to support others to explore this process for themselves as I have taught in the student clinic this year.

    Thank you for sharing your journey.


    • Thank you Anne and good luck to you as you begin to teach. If willing, I learn so much more than those I ‘teach’ about what real freedom is. The Alexander work is like no other in providing the way to understand that. It has opened me up in so many ways to discover what is real and what is not and how to let go.

      Thank you again for your comment.

      Love and light to you, Melody

  2. What a wonderful honest blog Melody. So much recognition, those two exact words is are written on my blackboard in the kitchen, look at them everyday. Thank you for helping me with your words.

    Namaste. Ramon

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