Love Lessons; Help Me Love — 4 Comments

  1. Melody, here are articles that can point us in the right direction, some are redundant and some written better than others. One book that really helped me understand race in the US is A History of White People by Nell Painter, its very academic but worth it.thanks for bringing it up.

    • Thank you Karen. I will read these.

      I notice you did the Laban program and live in Washington. I did my training there with Pam Schick and Peggy Hackney many years ago. When did you do the training?

  2. You can and have make/made a difference by what you teach your children. It’s generational and because you and I come from extremely intolerant parents you feel guilty by your part in this issue. Well, I don’t agree with you. You have instilled in your kids non-judgemental acceptance of all. Through the years I have observed this in you and have been in awe of how you, in spite of what was ingrained in us, have walked the walk!❤️

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