G is for Grace

So far these messages have been forceful and vigorous, designed to help us get in touch with our power and vitality.  Today I am focusing on a different quality and capacity of being fully alive.  I want to experience the beauty of grace and what it feels like to sense the purity of the simple blessings within and around us.

The quality we perceive as holding us when we allow our selves to rest in the beauty of the natural world, and the peace inherent in our own breath is a quality of grace.  There is nothing to do to receive this grace and no one is undeserving.  It is available to everyone, at any time.  It is in infinite supply.

In the thousands of moments you will live today allow your self to rest in the grace of your own aliveness and peace for one of those many moments.  Allow the beauty and wisdom of the universe to support you as it was designed to do and feel free.

Tomorrow we will get back to ‘work.’

Rest in the moments of grace that reveal you are part of something greater than your self and soften into the grace of the universe of care and protection.


for a moment,

experience the grace of being you.


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