F is for Fail


Yes, fail  

Fail big and bold.  Fail fearlessly.  Fail often

If you are afraid to fail you are afraid to live  

Make mistakes.  Make lots of them.  Try different things.  Take risks.  Risk imperfection.  Risk appearing a fool.  Leave your comfort zone and do what frightens you.  Take a chance.  Take lots and lots of chances

Fall down, then get back up and try again. It’s not only ok to fail, it’s essential for your growth and evolution 

Be messy.  Be real.  Be you in the process of becoming more of you

The only thing that is essential is to try.  We don’t grow by staying the same.  We don’t grow by a dream of perfection that keeps us frozen.  We grow the most when we push ourselves further than we are comfortable with and making messy, crazy, wonderful mistakes, learn from them and try again

Feel your fear and be willing to fail  

You will grow



F is for Fail — 2 Comments

  1. I love this! take risks,risk imperfection and making a fool of yourself….I get so impatient with people telling me to take care all the time….often saying “no I would prefer to take risks”

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