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I am currently participating in a business development program to learn how to grow my business. The course is taught by Jeremy Chance and Peter Jacobson, master teachers in developing a thriving business from the Alexander Technique.  I have studied with them before and they have helped me grow my business so much.

There are several strategies they suggest to draw people to my work and entice them to learn more. All of these things revolve around communication and reaching out regularly.  Daily emails are important. Regularity is key.  Offering something in every email is essential and having a “Call to Action’ is equally important.  Providing links to more offers and programs is another trick to bring people in and entice them to buy.

I’m going to share some of those ideas with you in the hope that you are ‘Called To Action’ through this daily dose of inspiration.  Mind you, I’m new in the program and haven’t quite figured out how to link you to something else.  Some of the tips and techniques I am learning are uncomfortable and feel artificial.  Hopefully as I share this Daily, (or sporadic) Dose with you I will discover a way to make it meaningful for all of us.

Through the Alexander work we, as teachers of the technique, help others let go of unnecessary holding and tension to free ourselves allowing us to return to our inherent ease.  We also facilitate a kind of inquiry leading our students and clients to a new awareness and more accurate perception of themselves and others.  We work to facilitate the kind of change that brings about a new and improved’ way of living and being in the world.

As my Mother is grappling with the reality of her life after my Dad’s death, I am struggling to understand how to help her.  Every day she falls farther away from the vitality she once had.  Each time I see her she sinks deeper into an emptiness I have never seen from her before.  I want to fill that space for her with the compassion that is in my heart and have no way to do that.

As I am with her, helpless and unable to create any change for her, I feel completely inadequate.  I want to do something, anything to take away some of the burden she is carrying and I have no idea how to change a single thing for her.  All my Alexandrian ideas fly out the window.  There is nothing I can do to change anything.  The only gift I can give is to be beside her as she falls with my arms open. Her real needs are beyond my control and capacity.  The teacher, guide and therapist in me is struggling to understand why, when all of my work throughout my life has been to help others through change, I cannot change what is going on with her.

Because I find it impossible to separate my self and life from my business, this is personal.  In fact, it’s all personal.  It’s about life.  My work and my business is all about living.  You could say I am in the business of life.  Honestly, I think my business is love.  Pure and simple.  I think my work, and all the work I do with others is about learning how to love in a way that creates healing, hope and growth.

In a very un-Alexandrian way I am going to recommend that you hold on to what and who you love. Hold on to your own truth and never let another person take that from you.  Grasp firmly to the commitment you feel to help one another through this life and be there to shout as loud as you can what matters to you most about them.

Link your arms together with those you love.  Link your hearts together and love as deeply and passionately as you can.  Tell them what you know to be true and good and right.  Tell them the best of who you know them to be.  Make them listen to you.  Be loud enough and in their face enough so that it is impossible for them not to hear you.  And,

Never let go of what you know in your heart is right.

Never, ever let go of what you know is good and right and beautiful in another.

Love desperately.  Love tenderly.  Give everything that is in your heart away to others and share what matters most to you to the world.

Don’t ever stop loving.

Don’t ever stop believing in the truth that love is good and right.

Hold on as tightly as you can to all the love you feel and link your self to others in the most tender way and never, ever, ever let go of your belief in what is possible through love.

My business is love, and in my business I am willing to break all the rules to love in such a way that I am a force for something better than I know in this moment.  Yes I fall short.  Yes I cling to the wrong things.  Yes, I link myself to hate sometimes, often in this political climate,


I continue to hold onto the belief that I can make a difference.  I can make the world a tiny bit better by loving more fiercely, ferociously, desperately and truthfully.

And so can you.

This is your Call to Action,




Love Lessons



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  1. Hello Melody, firstly, my deepest condolences on the loss of your father, and sending you love as you try to find your way through the grief, especially watching your mother grieve. If I could make a suggestion, I wonder if you might gently recommend that your mother sees a grief counsellor. It’s almost impossible to communicate that level of grief with family or friends, especially hard with your children. She may find her way through with the guidance of an expert who is trained in this area. She needs to find someone she feels comfortable with of course, but that can’t be you, as much as you’re there for her. I hope this helps. xo

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