What is true?  What is real?  What is important?  What is not important?

These are questions I ponder to help me live with more peace and softness in my heart.  These are also questions I ask others I work with almost every day.

As I sit from afar or lie next to my Mom in her bed, I wait.  I wait for peace to find her.  I can not find it for her and I can not make peace come.  I can only be with her and love.  I can love her through this time.  I can love her now and hold her with tenderness till it is time to let go.  There is no pushing. There is no holding on.  We will let go when it is time to let go.

While I wait, while I am with her I am cluttered with trauma and drama.  I see the drama and add to it, and in participating I create my own suffering.  I know this and yet, I continue.  All that I teach, all I have worked so hard to understand to help others with,  I fall into as if I were completely ignorant of what is true and real and important.

Richard Bach in his book ‘Illusions’ said, ‘we teach that which we most need to learn.’  That is true for me.  I teach how to let go of drama.  I teach how to be at peace regardless of what swirls around.  I teach how to love in such a way that others are guided home to what is true and real and important.

Today, while I teach others, I know the real student is my self. 

Love Lessons


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    • Yes, and I say this because I most need to learn how to simply be with love. You are right Welles, that is the most perfect gift we can give. Thank you.

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