P is for Pause

I Paused
Or did I procrastinate?
There were so many possibilities it was impossible to pick only one.  I pondered and felt pressure to pare down and point to the perfect P.  I was perplexed, and paused again.
Or did I procrastinate?
The process was precious and there was no need for promptness.  Precision was the point.  I had to be patient and persist.  I persuaded my self to go in a particular direction and felt passion for what seemed like unlimited possibilities and then became overwhelmed.  I felt powerless and the whole thing felt pointless, so I paused again.
Or did I procrastinate?
I said a prayer to help me passionately peruse the poignant.  It seemed petty and pretentious, as if I was pretending.  I patiently pondered again to see if any past prejudices precipitated my purging of potential possibilities.  I persevered in my own perspective building and had a premonition I was on a path, a pilgrimage to discover my power and purpose in the present moment.  It was so potent I had to pause.
Or did I procrastinate?
 Please don’t pity me.  Paradigm shifting takes paramount persistence and patience.  It starts as an imperfect picture and persists to its own pure potential where anything is possible.
I am pleased with the process.
I pause in peace

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