Love Lessons; What would Cindy do? (WWCD) — 7 Comments

  1. Melody, Your medical issues sound worrisome. I wish you the best of health and your daughter absolute safety. Love, Jano

  2. Melody, what a beautiful tribute to a mentor. It would be lovely to have more mentors, but so much to learn from those closest and wisest. Maybe just one special person helps us to grow and unfold as we embrace those lessons. Please let me know if I can help. We should get together soon in any case.


    • Yes Susan, it would be lovely to have more mentors. I am grateful for what Cindy taught me.

      I would love to see you. It’s been too long.

  3. Really enjoy reading your blog, Melody. Thank you for this great reminder to stay in & enjoy the moment. I try to live “one day at a time”, but how great to live one moment at a time and like you say, “drink” of its beauty.

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