Love Lessons; Simple Leaders — 6 Comments

  1. Beautiful. Particularly: Imagine a world where we cared more for those that are ‘weaker’ and more ‘vulnerable’ than our selves than we care for those that have more power, authority and the loudest voices? What kind of world do you think you would create by listening to the softest souls and the gentlest sounds?” It makes me feel warm inside thinking of someone doing that for me too. Thanks for sharing Melody.

    • Susan, Thank you for your comment. I sent you an email with a few questions. I am happy to help connect you to resources. The work of the Enneagram is invaluable for therapists.

      Best to you,


  2. Hi Melody;
    Your point is so well taken. Whenever I speak to so called business leaders about collaborative leadership and the triple bottom line leadership I typically get blank stares. Only very few leader-managers are willing to go self-awareness deep diving. How can we invite more people to do this? How do we (I) become more effective at attracting people to start doing more of this?

    • That’s the real question Ralf. I believe we must first and always live this way as exemplars. You do this, and from what I hear you influence the lives of many people through your humanity and authenticity.

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