Love Lessons; Honest the truth — 10 Comments

  1. I had goosebumps reading this blog. My brother John, who left us physically more than eighteen years ago, was also a beautiful soul. When I was with him I always felt closer to the person I was meant to be. He saw me and he loved what he saw. More recently I came very close to death. In fact, I felt sure that I was living my last days, and yet when at my sickest, I promised myself that, if I survived, I would spend my energy and time being in authentic relationships and living a life I loved. Your blog may be a blessing on that path. Thank you.

    • Oh Pat, how beautiful your message is. I did not know you were that sick. Thank heavens you are here and able to be in this world with all of us.
      You know I send you love. Lots of it.

  2. Hi Melody
    Hey girl. So much of what you spoke lives in my heart everyday – I am so glad you reached out – I believe in perfectly imperfect and use it often, to myself and sharing with others – your Cindy was a gift – it is nice of you to share her with us through you – thank you
    Honest the truth 🙂
    Say hi to Neil. I miss you both love xo

  3. Hi Melody – Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful words with us. It seems that no matter which path I address for my healing, my journey ends up focusing on two words: “love” and “truth”. Your blog entry captured both. It is in these words that our freedom lies. It is in these words that our hope exists. I so appreciate the place these words are coming from in you, the true healer that you are. Thank you again for sharing from your heart. Love, Ellen

  4. By writing this you have remvoved many masks that I had no idea you were wearing and possibly have given me permission to at least consider removing a few myself. Thank you.

  5. Your CindyLove insights have bloomed beautifully from her heart to yours. Sharing her lessons with your wise reflections is a wonderful gift to the world.

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