Christi’s Manifesto of Living

Christi Bender earns her living as an accountant.  She is a life coach as well and a friend of mine.  Her soul is of a sage.  She has been through everything and has come out of all of it thriving and inspiring others.  More than once she has said something that has changed my life.  I owe her much gratitude.  She is a gift.

Christi wrote the following letter in response to my last blog.  I was blown away by her wisdom and insight and asked her if I could post this.  I changed it a little, hardly at all.

The following is a manifesto for anyone.  I hope you benefit from her insight.



You are seeking your own meaning of life… and what is
to come next so that when your time here comes to an end it will be on your terms and with nothing having been left un-lived…. for you will have had the insight you are seeking now…. and taken the actions you will soon take.

You are seeking the freedom to fly free from fear, judgement, expectations. Like those doves of peace you are seeking the peace that comes with a kind of understanding that cannot be written down – or explained – or drawn. It must be experienced. It must be LIVED.

Your mother was showing you, through her quick death, that we can CHOOSE to live… or choose to die. Literally or figuratively. She chose to live in another dimension with your father. And you can choose to live however you would like….

right here and right now.

It may disappoint someone. Or hurt someone. Or leave them lost… you may have felt watching her die. It may lead to some regrets… or missed dreams… or unfulfilled wishes. As she may have experienced.

And yet she chose.

She Chose.

Choose a life on your terms.

Claim YOUR life.  Right now.

Without any reason for hesitation.

Your mother didn’t have to answer to anyone. You don’t either.

Your mother didn’t have to clip her wings to fulfill obligations. You don’t

Your mother didn’t stop herself from being in the dimension of her desire… and you can choose your next dimension as well.

We get but one life (that we can touch here on earth)….that life has facets. Like the 5 doves there are many parts to who you are. Daughter. Wife. Mother. Healer…. and You.

How do you want to define who you are in this next part of life?

You are being challenged to see your life without any filters. Through your pain they have surely been removed. Through your experience of these transformative events you have surely become aware of new elements of yourself. Through watching the unknown future of your parents come to pass you have had time to ponder your own unknown future.

What will you choose…..??

Be brave. Be true to your soul.

Choose it. Choose it now.


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Christi’s Manifesto of Living — 2 Comments

  1. wonderful wonderful wonderful…….thanks so much for sharing this.I shall reread and be inspired by it many times. The emphasis on choice is very powerful and yet easily forgotten as one retreats into emotional habits of thinking and reacting.
    You are blessed to have such a friend Melody and she is blessed to have you X

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