T is for Thank

To the children of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

For your courage and unwavering belief that you can change our country, thank you.  For your power and commitment, thank you.  For your overwhelmingly inspiring presence and determination, thank you.  For demanding yes when so many, with so much power, shout no, thank you.  For never giving up your fight, thank you.

For risking your dignity and privacy, thank you.  For giving up your childhood and any chance of a normal life, thank you.  For giving up the end of a senior year full of promises, proms and graduation parties, thank you.  For giving up the life you were living to become an army of righteousness and peace, thank you.  For giving up anonymity in exchange for the commitment to march and rally to make a fairer and safer world, that the adults ahead of you should have done for you, thank you.  For giving up your innocence for a tragic and horrendous event no one should ever endure, thank you.  For giving up your belief in magic and miracles to fight a battle you never asked for and should never have come to you, thank you.

I will get out of your way for you and support you as you create a safer world.  I will transform my guilt into passion and determination for what must happen to create a society that is humane and just and there for all.  I will do everything I can to support you and fight for and with you until you are safe.

Thank you

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