Rewrite; Letting Go

I’ve had practice letting go in the last decade and have learned about what that means through saying goodbye to my parents, two sisters, three animals and most recently my mentor.  Letting go does not mean losing the love or the devotion I have to who I love.  Truly letting go is losing the attachment for them to meet my needs in the present moment.  Through letting them go I have allowed their beings to grow into other forces for good.  That, ironically, is what has happened within me.  

Through letting go I have discovered more about what it means to love unconditionally.  I am developing a greater capacity to love freely and without need and developing a more important relationship with the divine within me.  By letting go of my need for someone else to fill something in me, I have developed a more satisfying and meaningful relationship with what is inside of me.  That inner relationship continues to grow and develop in me as I tend to the light of love within and between all of us.

Letting go is about letting go.  Letting go is about releasing what I think I need to allow what wants to develop within and around me.  When I truly let go I feel my self living more fully in every moment.

I don’t want to end my life with a bunch of regrets.  I don’t want to hold onto something or someone to fulfill some needs I think I have.  I want to be present in the moments of my life and know what it is to be free.  And when it is time to let go of this life I want to let go with ease and simplicity.

I want to let go of the need to impress you or be anything other than who I truly am for you and equally, I want to let go of the need for you to be anything other than who and what you are.  That is what I want to do in my work going forward and in my life.  That is how I want to be with those in my family and those I work with every day and week and month.

That is true freedom and that is a high form of love.


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