Q is for Quest

I value questioning, curiosity and skepticism.  Following without questioning is like drinking the kool aid.  Blind following, not thinking for one’s self and examining alternatives is terrifying and puts me at odds with a significant portion of the population.

I detest shopping malls.  Commercials drive me crazy.  Paying for clothes that have the manufacturer’s label on them is something I will not do.  I would gladly advertise for them if they paid me to wear their clothes.  To pay clothing companies for the privilege of free advertisement, never.  I wear clothes without labels.

I’m not a follower and don’t particularly like leading.  I seek my own path and figure things out along the way.  I question, ponder and wonder and love when answers come to me after I have spent enough time exploring.  The questions need time to ruminate inside me, like a good soup.  I also need support and ask for all kinds of help.  There is no shame or thought of weakness in that.  Support is essential and connects us to each other and those connections create webs of alliances that strengthen all of us. That connection is what I seek and cherish.  Being part of a ‘group’ is something I have always resisted.

Socrates said ‘the unexamined life is not worth living.’  I wouldn’t go that far, though I don’t think ‘curiosity killed the cat either.’  Curiosity probably led the cat to places it never would have gone had it not wondered what was around the corner.  ‘Seeking to understand’ is a phrase that lives in me and captures how I have lived my life.

Who are we, why are we here and who are we meant to become are questions I live with daily. Striving for meaning has given me profound experiences of exquisite beauty.  That search has filled my life full of moments of delicious joy when I discover something about my self or another.  Those moments weave me to the essence of humanity and love.

What are the question that live in you and urge you to grow into your future self?  How are you living to build your web of support and beauty around and within you?  Who do you share your moments with that bring you to the center of your being and the beauty of life?  Finally, and most importantly, what question/s are you afraid to ask?  It’s time to start asking them.  There is a web of love supporting you and a world of beauty that awaits once you begin the quest.

You’ll see, I promise.


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