Love Lessons

I’ve been thinking about what’s most important to share with you and what is most important for me, and it all comes down to one thing.
Plain and simple, it’s love.
It’s the most important thing of all.
How do we love?
The question is that simple.
How do we love?
My bookshelf is full of books about love. In one way or another each one of them is about love.
I now believe that most of the work I’ve done in my life has been, and is about love.

I started dancing on my first day of college and fell in love.  That first day was the beginning for me of losing my ego and finding my self.  I said I got lost in movement, but what I know to be true is that I began to find my self.

I studied Laban Movement Analysis and began to see and understand how we hold our selves back from fully loving in all possible ways and dimensions.

I studied The Alexander Technique and came to realize that allowing freedom is a clear path to love.

Gestalt Therapy taught me how to love and make contact with my self and others right here and right now.

And The Enneagram teaches me what love is in it’s essence and reveals a path to be love.

Now, forty years later I am a movement therapist writing to you having deeply studied and investigated all of these teachings.   Each one leads me only, and simply, to love.

These investigations in writing will be about my sister Cindy. She was born two years before me with Downs Syndrome. Here is one of my favorite pictures of us when we were little.


She was known as Cindy Love. That is how she signed her cards.

I was with Cindy when she died three years ago. I followed her into this life and was with her when she left. She shaped my entire life and taught me what love is.
Cindy knew and expressed deep, authentic, abandoned and unconditional love.
She was love.
Cindy was an angel and unaware of the fact that she was different or special.
She was simply Cindy Love.

Through these writings I am going to share some of her profound teachings about love that she taught with the innocence of a child and that I have spent my entire life seeking through various forms of study to learn.
Now I come full circle to the simple and the pure. Love.  And that is what I want to share with you with love.


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