Love Lessons; Everything

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So this is about everything?  How could I say everything when I am not sure what even a little is?

Yet I know contained within a little is everything.  Contained within me is the whole world.  If I open up and allow my self to feel and know my self, I will have a better and clearer understanding of you.

Is this true?  I believe it is.  As Cindy used to say ‘you and me the same Mel.’  We were, and she knew that.  And you and I are the same as well.

I want to touch you in some way so that you are inspired to touch someone else, and we are moved from where we are stuck to where we could be.  I want to open my hands and heart and allow you to be here in the space of my tenderness.  I know that’s weird to say and am sad about that.  I believe strongly that beautiful touch, and wide open tenderness is missing in our lives and culture.  The ability to openly receive and give love.

When I was dancing I moved in ways that were not from the essence of me.  I compared myself to everyone and anyone who was in the studio and I always came up short.  I was always less than the others.  Even though I loved dancing there was always this part of me that didn’t and couldn’t love my self enough to totally lose my self in the movement.  I wanted to so badly.  Looking back now I can see how painful it was for me to dance.  I was always striving to be better, which is a good thing but also a reflection of not feeling enough.

Now my striving is changing.  Yes I am heavier and out of shape and when I look in the mirror I see wrinkles and age spots and sagging, and I am becoming okay with that.  My teeth are yellow and not very pretty and I allow myself to laugh with a wide open mouth when joy falls into me.  Because when my teeth were white I could’t laugh so big.

So back to everything.  You are everything you need to be whole, and so am I.  We are everything this world needs to love.  Together we can be and know everything to live wide open and laugh with the fullness of our hearts and reach out to connect the truth of who we are to the world.

Today, let’s open our hands and allow everything the world has to offer come into us and fill us with life.  Let’s open up to everything and feel life rushing in to us.

Love Lessons

Love Lessons

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