Gratitude (Rewrite)

Maybe it’s the little things that matter most in life, like the one leaf stuck on the very top of a tree in our backyard.  All the other leaves have fallen and been swept away weeks ago, yet one small leaf continues to stay and chooses to hang on.  Simple, appearing fragile and yet so resilient.  It has withstood relentless wind, rain and a variety of forces that have challenged it’s very existence causing all the other leaves to fall.  Because it stays I see a bit of the miraculous and have hope.  I am reminded to look up, in spite of forces that make me want to let go and fall down.

It is Thanksgiving weekend and I am grateful for much in my life.  I am blessed and realize how fortunate I am to have a home that is warm and a family that loves me.  All my needs are fulfilled and I never take that for granted.  Ever.  And yet I have a whole in my heart.  It has always been there and most likely always will be.  I long for something I have never been able to fill.  What I long for I don’t know.  I don’t want more stuff, more friends or things to do.  There is one small piece of me that hangs on to a wanting that has not been filled through living this life full of family and friends.

You who are reading this I may not even know.  With each post, though they are less frequent now,  I am held by you.  You stay and connect, and though I don’t you we are together in this world bound by a simple thought or feeling.  Maybe you long for something else too.  You may share this feeling of holding on to something elusive and important.  Like that single leaf hanging on the very top of the tree, even after all the others have gone, it remains.  I will stay honest, open and strong enough to stand alone and share the strength of vulnerability for a moment.  In that moment may we grow a little stronger together.

Thank you for being here.  I am here with you.


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