F is for Falling Forward — 1 Comment

  1. Love this, so beautifully expressed, thank you it deeply resonates with my experience at the moment even more fully .
    The falling is falling into peace if I dare or are forced to truly let go and the realization that we are always safe deep within us.
    Just looked at the word “ forced” which means force… always saw it as something negative, and realizing new interpretation possibility:) I guess that relates more directly to the Rumi poem but also to your beautiful encouragement to allow letting go and falling forward into the next step without knowing or holding on to the previous created safety. It feels like such an amazing revelation of freedom as I let go of unconsciously and consciously created assumptions and stabilizers, Even if there is a first reaction of gripping:) So like with everything with practicing comes more trust and ease to let go. So yes what a gift to our lives to share this experience and practice together! In this last year so many core fears in all different clothing and expressions showed their heads and my gripping around it, so I deeply honor and appreciate the time to fall through the fear and look and find new ground reframing into more love, safety and joy. With Gratitude for you beautiful sharing, Zoana

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